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Medical Website Design Services

What's the goal of your website? Who visits it? What are they thinking? How could you maximize your ROI? What features can impact your bottom-line? We get to know you, your practice, and your customers so that we can help you answer those questions. So when we say a "custom" website, we actually mean it. It will be designed from the ground up to maximize your effectiveness.
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Online Patient Portal Integration

Patient Portals enable two-way secure online communication between your staff and your patients. Possible solutions include Online Appointment Scheduling, Online Forms (Patient History, HIPAA, etc.), Prescription Refill Requests, Patient Education, Online Payments, and more. These patient portal services allow you to more efficiently serve your current patients, increase your patient loyalty and satisfaction, and attract new patients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Medical Websites

Most doctors have heard of it, but few understand it. Fortunately for you, we not only understand it, we perfect it. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is making your website "friendly" to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the others. This is a very thorough and extensive process that requires a lot of research and energy/time to get the highest rankings in search engines for the terms your potential patients are using to find you.

Custom Blogs for Doctors

What do we mean by "custom" blog? We mean that we make your blog look just like the rest of your website. Why should you have a blog? A custom blog for a doctor can

  1. establish trust with your patients and potential patients,
  2. position yourself as "the expert" in your field,
  3. share valuable information about your practice or healthcare,
  4. promote events, services, or products,
  5. create loyal visitors to your website, and
  6. increase your search engine ranking (if done correctly).

Patient Education Articles and Medical Animations

We work with the leading patient education publishers to provide high quality, relevant, and up to date patient education material on your website. From hot topics (i.e. the next big flu) to articles only related to your specialty (i.e., plastic surgery), we can work with these publishers to find the best content to make your website more effective. Medical Animations are visual ways of educating your patients. These are often used to explain complex or less known conditions or procedures (note: this is especially important and effective on surgeon websites).

Medical Video Testimonials and Medical Video Introductions

A quick and proven way to establish a "relationship" with a current or potential patient is to have videos of you, your staff, or your patients. We can make suggestions as to which types videos would be best to include on your website, and we can even help you find a good videographer in your local market. The impact of well-done (not necessarily professional) videos usually greatly outweigh the cost.

Online Marketing for Doctors

You've seen the commercials. A few friends start a website. They celebrate when they get their first order. 5 minutes later they get a few more. Within a couple hours, they sell more than they could ever ship. It was almost like magic! Many doctors have the misconception that just having a website will bring countless new traffic (and thus, new patients) to their practice. It just doesn't work like that in the real world. Stone Soup Medical has experienced digital marketers to effectively communicate your message, brand, promotion, or event to thousands of potential new patients. This includes Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management (such as Google's ads), creating and maintaining social media campaigns (i.e., Facebook promotion for doctors, or Twitter accounts for surgeons or hospitals), writing and distributing press releases, creating medical email newsletters, and more.

Identity and Branding for Medical Practices

This should probably be first on the list of services we provide because it is possibly the most important. As a business, your practice or other healthcare institution has a certain culture, uniqueness, and vision. As healthcare branding experts, we can work with you to define your message and find ways to express that message in every encounter you have with a customer, vendor, and employee. Successful companies understand the importance of this step, but it's easy to overlook - even for companies that have been around for many years. Let Stone Soup Medical help you achieve excellence by having a clear identity and brand that is presented on your website, sales collateral, advertisements, in-house signage, and other encounters with the world.

Doctor Logo Design & Healthcare Logo Design

Your logo is a vital expression of your central message (brand/identity). It's not just a pretty graphic that sits on your business cards and letterhead. Besides your medical practice name and top doctors names, your logo is the most identifiable thing about your practice. Having an effective logo will pay immeasurable rewards, and will increase your ROI on all other services we provide.

Medical Business Cards, Stationery, and Sales Collateral Printing

Your business cards, stationery, and sales collateral (brochures, mailers, etc.) can embody and spread your message. We have a special interest in finding unique materials and printing processes that will help you create a statement and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Medical Website Hosting

We have partnered with Rackspace to offer our clients the industry's top hosting for your website and email. It is backed by 24/7 online and telephone Fanatical Support ®. Our systems can handle small practices to large hospitals and medical groups.

Free Medical Website Analysis

It doesn't get much better than free! It's kind of selfish if we keep all of our expertise to ourselves, right? And we just don't sleep well at night if we worry about being thought of selfish. So we're giving away a medical website analysis to anyone with an existing medical practice website. Get your free analysis now!