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Medical websites don't have to be boring. Nor must they be flashy. Their effectiveness is attibuted to: compelling design, usability, and visibility.

Compelling Design

0.5 seconds - the time it takes for a visitor to your website to decide if they like your website. This initial reaction is crucial to your success. A compelling medical website design invokes an emotional response from visitors. A compelling design will often keep a visitor on your website longer - exploring other pages.

And it will usually stay in their mind long after they leave your site.


Most visitors come to your website to find information. They expect to see a menu in a certain place. They expect hyperlinks to be underlined. They expect things will be ordered in a certain way. Stone Soup Medical studies users habits to ease frustration and create a website that is easy to navigate for users. Good usability leads to more time on your website.

And more time spent on your website equals more leads and more new patients.


Finding your website and being able to view it once they find it is what we mean by visibility. Search Engine Optimization, online marketing, and offline tools are used to help patients find your website. The more people who find your website, the better odds you will have of getting new patients. The other factor is being able to view your website after they arrive there. This is related to good coding.

We don't take shortcuts. We code your website using W3C standards which means that it will be viewable in the most browsers as possible. What good is compelling design and usability if no one actually visits your website?

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